Busy IT Executives & Professionals

You are dedicated to your faith, family, community, and your job.  You have a lot of responsibilities.  This leaves you with little time and energy to focus on the important details necessary to optimize your finances. Some of your top concerns may be: 

  • Maximizing your employee benefits at work
  • Saving for retirement
  • Ensure your children are provided for
  • Diversifying out of concentrated stock positions
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Healthcare costs in retirement
  • Social Security timing
  • Education for your children

As a former Information Technology Manager, Mike Guarino III, CDFA, and his team leverage technology to constantly bring many efficiencies into their practice to cater working with you, the busy IT professional. They use integrated technology like E-signature, on-line scheduling software, webinars, and virtual portfolio and financial plan reviews, to make finances fit into your busy schedule. They work hard to reduce the barriers that get in the way of you pursuing your financial goals.

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